A sensory journey

How can we open to the world around us ? How can we listen to the world within us ? Can we increase our conscious awareness by heightening our senses ? Can we start upon the journey of the inner alchemist ?

Join us on a journey of the inner alchemist. Take in your surroundings, heighten your awareness, and connect to the world around you. Listen to the world within you. Open yourself to the world inside us all.

Through games, art installation, music, and performance art, immerse yourself in an exploration of the senses and human connection.

Art forms : Music performance, sensory installation and performance, tarot and mindfulness.

“It was an overwhelming and surprising experience. We went through very strong emotions, and talked a lot about it afterwards. We really did not expect it ... it was a beautiful and healthy illustration of human contact.”

Celia KNOPPER, Communication executive in an environmental NGO, FRANCE

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