An immersion into the art of mindfulness

BIMBIM creates introspective art-experiences—immersive, participatory and playful artistic environments that invite and encourage the exploration of our inner selves!

The art-experience is an emerging art form. Rather than engage with art through the traditional perspective of the viewer, we invite our audiences to step into and journey through active, creative spaces as participants. Our art-experiences bring multiple artistic, social and spiritual practices together.

They evoke not only individual observation and reflection, but also communal exchange and play through encouraged interaction with others. In this commitment to both individual and group exploration, we guide participants into deeper connection with themselves, with each other, and with the world around us.

BIMBIM believes that we, as individuals, are here to learn together, and that the art-experience can serve as a powerful tool in this process. Our goal is to playfully bring about reflection and self-exploration, and in doing so, kindle self-awareness in people’s lives.

As we connect to and listen to our inner selves, we experience a deeper understanding of life. We allow the beauty of the universe to unfold, and we begin to access truer happiness, depth and love!